Johnson Energy Storage


To transform the way the world generates and stores energy;

To more safely and efficiently store energy;

To leave a softer footprint where we tread.



Our Story

Former NASA Engineer Dr. Lonnie Johnson, best known as the inventor of the Super Soaker, is the founder of Johnson Energy Storage.

Dr. Lonnie Johnson has dedicated the past 30 years to investigating new energy creation and storage techniques through his research company, Johnson R&D. He holds over 100 patents, many of them in energy creation and storage. In 2021, he made a breakthrough Solid State battery technology discovery, a glass electrolyte separator material. Johnson Energy Storage (JES) was spun out of Johnson R&D to further the development of the glass and a number of other innovative solid state battery features.

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Our Founder - Dr. Lonnie Johnson


Dr. Lonnie Johnson • Founder

Dr. Lonnie G. Johnson


Dr. Lonnie Johnson is an engineer and inventor who holds more than 100 patents and whose technologies have been listed as world-class by media such as CNN, Popular Mechanics and TIME.

Johnson served in the U.S. Air Force, where he was awarded multiple medals and helped develop components in the stealth bomber program. Later as a NASA Nuclear Engineer, he received multiple achievement awards for his work in spacecraft system design. One of Johnson’s inventions was incorporated in the Galileo mission to Jupiter.

Johnson is most well known as the inventor of the Super Soaker squirt gun, which became one of the most popular toys in the world and has generated billions of dollars in retail revenue under the license.

Johnson holds an honorary doctorate in science, a M.S. in Nuclear Engineering and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Tuskegee University.

Bert Ellis

Bert Ellis

Chief Executive Officer

Bert Ellis serves as the CEO of Johnson Energy Storage, as well as CEO and Chairman of Ellis Capital, a consulting and investment firm primarily focused on the media, technology, healthcare, and Fintech industries.

Ellis previously founded and served as CEO of Act III Broadcasting, Ellis Communications, and iXL, and was a founding investor and board member in WebMD. He is also a founding investor and board member of Vivex Biologics, NOWaccount Network Corporation, Brightwell Payments, MAXEX, Semantic-AI, Pensare, and VoAPPs.

Ellis holds an MBA from the Darden Graduate School of Business Administration at the University of Virginia (UVA), and a BA in Economics from UVA.

Technical Leadership

Lazbourne Allie, Ph.D.,

Principal Scientist & Lithium-Air Program Lead

Dr. Allie leads the R&D team responsible for the Lithium-Air battery development. His background in solid-state batteries along with electrochemical expertise has been instrumental in validating the lithium-air concepts and further prototyping.

Dr. Allie has directed JES’s past efforts in Li-solid state batteries for the past 10 years. He received his doctorate in Material Science from Tuskegee University and has over 15 years’ experience in polymer synthesis, composites, nanotechnology including formulation of membranes for solid-state batteries.

He has coauthored 12 publications and 8 patents.

Adrian Grant

Senior Scientist and Solid-State Program Lead

Adrian Grant has over 9 years of experience in energy storage and conversion technologies, including 7 years working with solid state lithium and Lithium Air and is presently the lead on the development of JES’s solid state glass electrolyte.

He received his BSc in Electronics and Electrical Engineering from Tuskegee University and completed course work in the master’s program in Electrical Engineering at Princeton University. He has coauthored two patents and several publications dealing with energy storage technologies.

Board of Directors

Dr. Lonnie Johnson

Founder, Johnson Energy Storage, Inc.

Bert Ellis

CEO, Johnson Energy Storage, Inc.

Mike McQuary

CEO of JTEC Energy; former President of Mindspring Enterprises

Mack Wilbourn

Owner, Mack II, Inc.

Advisory Board

Matt McDowell, Ph.D.

Professor, GA Tech School of Materials Science and Engineering

John Wilson

Managing Director, First Ignition LLC

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